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What we can offer you:

  • Art Direction - On-set creative guidance for your next photo shoot. We can also provide prop & styling suggestions as well as a schedule to help maximize your shooting efforts.
  • Photo Editing - No project is too big or too small. We will select the most marketable images and rank them in order of revenue potential. We can also create virtual CD's or select strong marketing images for promotion or solicitation.
  • Portfolio Review - We will work with you to create a strong book that will get you noticed in a heavily saturated market. With our knowledge of agency needs and market trends, we can help you create a portfolio that will get you in the door.
  • Visual Shoot Briefs - We will provide full service trend research on any given subject - creating a shoot brief that includes key concepts, specific scenarios as well as visual samples from current advertising and commercial markets. We have a library of thousands of ads and printed pieces to provide visual support for your shoot ideas. We can also help you develop a shooting strategy that will fill collection gaps and drive your revenue with your current stock agency.

  • Seminar Lectures - Lindsey is an experienced speaker who can create presentations that will wow the crowd and help you build your business. In addition she can speak to your creative team or association about many topics from contract negotiation to selecting the right images for the market. Let us know what you need & we'll create a dynamic presentation just for you.
  • Project Management - Everyone has a project that they just haven't had the time or resources to get to, well now you can get them done quickly. We will manage your individual project from start to finish. We will help prioritize and implement a clear plan to see your project to completion. This includes anything from keyword clean-up to editorial ranking, culling your collection or gap analysis.
  • Agency Liaison - We are familiar with all business models from Rights-managed to Micro Stock. We can be the point person for all your agency communication - helping to gather the key needs of their collection and what you can do to improve your revenue through that agent.

Pricing packages available both hourly or project-based.

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